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Power BI or Power Business Intelligence

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Power Business Intelligence or Power BI is a data analytics service from Microsoft aimed at collecting, managing, and analyzing data from a variety of sources, through an easy-to-use interface. Power BI gathers data, processes it, and displays it through charts and tables. This allows users to create their own reports and dashboards on their own.
This set of tools, which is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, allows you to control the entire process through a live dashboard, create interactive reports with Power BI Desktop and access data anywhere with native mobile applications.


BI Components
Although it has more, Power Bi is based on three fundamental components:
a) Power BI Desktop: Integrates proven Microsoft query engine, data modeling, and visualization technologies. It allows the creation of collections of queries, data connections, models and reports.
b) Power BI Service: It is an online service (SaaS), and although its functionality is quite similar to the desktop application, it allows you to publish reports and configure data updating automatically so that the organization’s staff has updated data.
c) Power BI Mobile: mobile application available for multiple platforms (Windows, iOS and Android), which allows viewing reports and is kept up to date with data changes.

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Benefits of using Power BI



  • Allows the management of large amounts of data without slowing down the application
  • Allows predictions based on its powerful machine learning features
  • It has multiple templates to view the information, although it allows you to generate reports from scratch
  • It is based on the cloud, so portability is guaranteed.
  • Data accessibility controls guarantee that they are safe, both from internal and external attacks on the company.



The future of business intelligence is guaranteed with the Power BI tool. There is a large community of users around the world where the subject is discussed, which shows the good health of the suite. Microsoft has made extensive documentation available to everyone on its official site, with detailed examples of each part of the process. They have also allowed developers to use Power BI through REST API interfaces, created for this purpose.


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