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Chatbots are a great tool to boost a business on the web

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As explained in a previous post (go to post), chatbots are a great tool to boost a business on the web. It is an increasingly common resource in any web and online interaction.

Below, we list 3 chatbots that, in our opinion, are the most ideal to add to our online business.

MobileMonkey is an advanced messaging platform for businesses that helps them in marketing and customer support through instant chat services via messaging, native web chat, and SMS. The platform automatically qualifies leads, engages customers, and converts them into customers with multi-channel chatbots using its OmniChat technology.

  • Get more leads
    People are 3x more likely to engage with chat than website forms.
    get more sales
    Reach out to your hottest leads right now.
    Build customer relationships
    75% of customers say they would rather message businesses than email or call.
    Money back guarantee for more leads
    All plans are backed by our guarantee: Get more leads or your money back.

Chatfuel is a bot building system that provides individuals and businesses with a single, centralized platform from which to build AI conversational chatbots. By incorporating simple editing tools, multi-user accounts, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), as well as third-party integration and analytics technology, Chatfuel aims to provide users with an easy yet effective bot building solution.
• Media: Chatfuel allows you to create bots capable of sending news, clipping, and keeping readers informed.
• Personal avatar: you can create a bot that answers questions about you, present a portfolio, etc.
• eCommerce: capable of providing the necessary technology to build a bot to purchase products.
• Customer service: create chats capable of responding to your customers on your own web page.

Botsify is a fully managed chatbot platform that enables you to leverage AI-powered software to customize chatbots for any business. Botsify covers any need with over 100 integrations, including with WordPress, Slack, Google Sheets, DialogFlow, and more.
Faster response rate
Attract your customers by automating your chat and sending speedy responses for real-time assistant.
Increased Conversion Rates
Reduce the response time, personalize customer experience, and record analysis to increase your conversion rates with a chatbot.
Better customer retention
Chatbot helps you to engage your customers with your brands, build relationships with customers through interactive, and tailored content
More Qualified Leads
Help your customers to generate qualified leads by sending contextual forms. You can reach 10x faster to your prospects with chatbots
Omnichannel Chatbot Platform
Provide seamless interaction through our channels, and offer unified experience to your customers. Get realistic customization for all users!
Dedicated Chatbot Manager
He provides a 24/7 customer support, helps in building the very first chatbot, resolves issues instantly, and builds stronger relationship with clients



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